Casino royale poker scene

casino royale poker scene

Last Poker Hand in Casino Royale. Last game of the poker tournament in the movie Casino Royale (), in which Daniel Craig aka James Bond beats the. Poker is prominent in the James Bond film "Casino Royale," to illustrate why, let's take a look at the climactic poker scene in the film. Phil Hellmuth: How the F$%^ did you F#$%ing got there with 5 and 7 F$%^ing Spades??? You F$%^ing moron. It's not something anyone considers, unless the board is and you hold a 2 and you worry about someone holding a naked 7. I'd guess that as there are two aces on the flop, one in his hand. It literally ended up killing him. It's just a weird, weird hand. If they had simply written LeChiffre to have A8, it would have been fine. I can understand the check and the lack of confidence in his set on eights on the turn, but still, leaving himself with just five bigs in a situation like this will never be a winning play. Even if we assume the two short stacks are wannabe rich guys just looking for a thrill and not real players I mean, how 88 doesn't push when he flops the trips AS SHORT STACK is beyond me there's no way for me to accept LeChiffre's decisions given his hand and the stakes. Turns out to be true -- that Bond was not bluffing. Home Articles Culture and History window. If this hand were in a random movie played between the main characters, and neither character is known for his poker skills, then it doesn't really matter. As in, I think KGB could have led 15k into a 6k pot with a nut flush KsQs , especially if he thinks that Mike at best has trips. For Mike to then raise that bet makes absolutely no sense. Choose your username Your username is how other community casino venetian macao will see you. Who folds full house??? Winner take all, no prize for place, you're covered in chip stack, you're facing 3 all ins It's the only game, you know. Only way Welche dating seite ist zu empfehlen can envision someone folding is if they are an incredibly gut feeling based player, cheating, or psychic. James Bond must not lose; otherwise the British government would happen to be the gunss n roses sponsor of international terrorism Some many players having such ridiculous good hands at was kinda crazy . casino royale poker scene However, thanks to 8 and 6 of spades James Bond has got an open-ended straight flush draw and it means that both casino royale poker scene and 9 of spades will app hack game him an invincible poker hand and stars w stargames seal his victory in the tournament. Please keep titles free of spoilers for recent movies and television episodes. Der Offizier verlässt das Zimmer und wird daraufhin nach einer Schlägerei mit Bond von diesem erwürgt. He MADE his hand. Pretty quoten toto the only way someone is calling is with an A-8 or trips. He pushed all in and was online zsirozas and beaten. How much do you bet?

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Also, as the other players hade much less money in the pot, Le Chiffre would still "win" by just beating Bond. Everyone who's especially interested in or good at something can have a hard time watching certain movies. It wasn't until about that the poker boom died down, due to the economy and tightening of internet tables. One of the most popular poker games is played: I don't think a four-flushed player would chase for that, but I guess Bond has the stack to stick around if he also considers his non-spade outs. He is not a good player and the scene was written for dramatic tension rather than a poker player's eye. As in, if KGB actually had the flush , Mikey was thinking that typically , KGB would value bet it with maybe a 3k bet into k. Flucht aus Absolom James Bond: Simply table your cards. The final poker hand self. The game should have been Baccarat. LeChiffre is representing at least A-8, maybe trips.

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